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Looking for a Puppy?

Finding the right dog for your family should be a thoughtful process.
You are bringing a new family member in that will be with you for 12+ years.   ALL puppies are cute!

Finding a breeder  that is committed to breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments that fit the standard for the breed should be your goal.

Don’t ever feel pressured to purchase a puppy from a breeder.  Be prepared to walk away if anything makes you uncomfortable.

The right puppy will come along from a good breeder and the experience will be great for everyone.

Reputable breeders put their hearts and souls into producing healthy and happy puppies as family companions and performance/show dogs.  They research pedigrees, check all of the recommended health concerns for their breed and do their best to insure all of the puppies they raise will live long and happy lives with their new families.

They are there for you for the life of your dog and you should feel comfortable contacting them whenever questions arise.

Reputable breeders sell puppies with a written contract so that the Buyer and the Breeder understand what  their responsibilities are for the life of the dog. They should be considered ‘extended family’ for you as you spend many years with your wonderful canine companion.

Bringing a puppy into your home should be a decision based on research, patience and planning.

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What to expect when you contact me about a puppy?

We will get to know each other - please fill out the questionnaire (link below) and I will give you a call. I will ask you questions about what you are looking for in a dog, types of activities you like to do and what your home & family are like. You should be prepared to ask me questions about the litter, my criteria for choosing the right home for the right puppy, and anything else that will help you make an informed decision.

Next - if we feel like we are ready to move forward I will be happy to send you a contract to review. Whether you are looking for a pet/companion or a potential show/breeding prospect the appropriate contact will cover the important details about the placement of the puppy.

If I don’t feel I will have what you are looking for I will be happy to refer you to other reputable breeders.

I keep a list of potential homes for my litters and stay in contact with everyone before and after they are whelped. The list will be in order of contact and take into account what the homes are looking for in a puppy. Just because there are puppies does not always mean that the ‘right’ puppy is in the litter for a specific person.   Watching the puppies develop and using standard temperament testing processes will help me make choices for placement.    Puppies will go to their new homes between 8-10 weeks of age.

Puppy Questionnaire

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!