Wilhaven Shiba Inu & Lagotto Romagnolo

Wilhaven - Quality without Compromise!

Shiba Inu

In 1990 I read an article about a small Japanese dog that was new in the USA, they weren’t fully recognized by the AKC yet. After doing a bit of research on the breed I decided that the Shiba Inu was a breed I wanted to have in my life. There were only a few breeders in the USA at that time and I was fortunate to find a beautiful Shiba that started the Wilhaven journey. I can’t imagine my life without a Shiba in it- they are an amazing dog when properly bred, raised and trained. With very selective breeding and ethics I have produced some amazing Shibas and earned the AKC Breeder of Merit designation.

About Us - A little history

My name is Liz Williams and my dogs and I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon.  I am a professional dog trainer and owner of Oregon Dog Sports.  

I am involved in many different activities with my dogs - Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Treibball, Nose Work, Truffle Hunting and just having fun!

The Wilhaven dog family consists of Rottweilers, Shiba Inu and Lagotto Romagnolo.

As a breeder I believe in very selectively breeding my dogs. Research, planning and great care go into every puppy produced and raised by me.

About my Shiba Inu

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About my Lagotto Romagnolo

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About my Rottweiler

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The first breed that impacted my life was the Rottweiler. I’ve raised and shown Rottweilers since 1986, it was the breed that brought me into the ‘dog world’. There is nothing like a well bred, properly trained Rottweiler.  They are a beautiful, loyal and loving family companion.

The house has only one special Rottweiler now but the breed will always have a special place in my heart.  

Lagotto Romagnolo

The newest addition to Wilhaven is a wonderful little curly breed that makes me smile every day.

The Lagotto is an Italian Water Dog with a nose for Truffle Hunting and a fun, happy, loving temperament. After 3 years of research and learning about the breed I found a wonderful breeder in Switzerland and brought home “Orli” in 2011. I look forward to being a responsible steward of this wonderful breed as it gains recognition in the USA.

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