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About the Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto has been selected for the search for truffles on all kinds of ground: it’s the only breed recognized for this purpose. The Lagotto is an ancient breed for water retrieving known in Italy since the 16th century in the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna. Over the centuries, the great marshlands were drained and turned into arable land. Since the 19th century this intelligent breed has been utilized as an excellent dog for searching truffles in the flat open country and the hills of Romagna, thanks to his very developed sense of smell and high ability to concentrate on the search.

The Lagotto is a working dog. It has a natural gift for searching and its very good nose has made this breed very efficient in searching for truffles.

The Lagotto is loyal, keen, affectionate, very attached to his owner and easy to train.

A small/medium sized dog with a non-shedding, dense curly coat. The Lagotto is a happy working dog that enjoys activities with it’s family.

More information about the breed can be found at:

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UKC CH. Leora Typhia of Golden Comfort, RN, NW2, ITD


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