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Wilhaven - Shiba Inu, Rottweiler & Lagotto Romagnolo


I am very happy to introduce you to the wonderful dogs that I am blessed to have in my life.

I have had the opportunity to share my life with Rottweilers since 1986, Shiba Inu since 1990 and am very excited to begin the journey with the Lagotto Romagnolo since fall 2011.

Feel free to browse and ask questions about these breeds or any of the dogs you see.

The dogs that you see here are family first but have the opportunity to compete in conformation and performance events to represent and be positive ambassadors of their breeds.

The breeding philosophy at Wilhaven is to very selectively breed dogs that have correct temperament, health clearances and type for their breed. Being a responsible breeder is a commitment that I take seriously. Taking the time to research before breeding, to properly raise happy & healthy puppies and to screen potential homes is not easy but it is the responsibility of everyone that breeds dogs.

If you are looking to add a companion to your home please take the time to research, ask questions and screen any potential breeders before making that commitment. The right dog in your family will add joy and memories that can last a lifetime!

Questions? Just ask!

For more information about my dogs or Shibas in general please contact me at:

Liz Williams
Eugene, Oregon
wilhavenshibas @ aol.com


The Family - Pete, Vander, Kira, Jillie and Kai
Photo by Family Tree

Jillie and Kira

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